Plenty of options to fit your lifestyle

You don't need anything to get started. Bring yourself as you are!

Run Groups

Want to get those hard running sessions done with like minded people? Sessions held weekly at the track and on the trails to fulfill all your running needs from fartlek to hills TNT have you covered!


TNT Strength is a class designed for anyone that wants to get stronger and stable to enable them to run, play sports that involve running or just want to move better. A mix of activation work, weighted and body weight movement, a great session for injury prevention that will have you moving stronger and faster!

One on One

Not into groups? Why not try a one on one session with one of our coaches. One on One sessions will be specifically designed to your goals and ability whether that be for strength or running.


Want to get better range of motion? Come try a ZUU class all primal bodyweight movement creating strength through all ranges of motion, whilst getting you top end cardio conditioning. A great workout to complement any sport or training modality.



Do you want a structured plan to help you obtain your running goals? With our online program your coach will assist in setting goals and be there when you need questions answered. Our structured plans are built around your life and schedule and are adjustable when life gets in the way.

MEET Andrew

Andrew founded TNT Coaching to help improve peoples lives. He realized that clients implement healthier, longer lasting changes when they're having fun. You train harder when it doesn't feel like training. TNT Coaching takes care of all your fitness needs whether you prefer training in a gym or hitting the Track or Trails for a High Intensity Interval set.