The TNT Coaching mission :  

Helping people be their best selves.

There are hundreds of personal trainers and coaches out there. But what makes us unique is that we see fitness as fun whether that be indoors or outdoors. We know that if you love training and you have a great relationship with your coach, you'll keep coming back having fun and create relationships with like minded people. This will help you achieve the results you want while enjoying the ride. It's our mission to create an environment that gets you motivated to train and hit what ever goals you have whether it is losing weight or getting that time in your local fun run we are here to give you the tools you need.


 Our coaches will push you to new limits that your mind and body didn't know your could reach. Our sessions are designed for all fitness levels to be able to push and test their own limits whilst being all inclusive. But most importantly, we do it all while building a relationship with you. We get to know you as a person, with hopes and aspirations for your health, fitness and life. It's this genuine relationship with our clients that allows us to push you further and that sets us apart from other trainers and coaches. 

Andrew Lennon

A Cert IV personal trainer and Athletics Austraila accredited coach Andrew believes that every clients goals are achievable when they are given the tools they require.

A passion for trail running and knowing what is needed to do what he loves, drives Andrew to help people move better and build the strength they require to do the things they love longer whether that be hitting the road, trails or the gym.

Ben Poole

An Level 2 Advanced Recreational Run Coach accredited with Athletics Australia. Ben grew up less than 500m from the athletics track in Southampton England watching the likes of Roger Black and Kris Akabusi train. Having studied biochemistry and exercise physiology Ben has a passion for the science behind running and exercise.